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Know the Right Time to Visit Put-in-Bay and Plan your Trip

Put-in-Bay is a small village with a population of 500 situated on South Bass Island, Ohio. Tourism is an important industry of Put-in-Bay. The tourist season runs from April to October.

PIB is accessible by ferry and the whole tour of PIB can be done by golf cart. However, during peak season, the availability of golf carts is difficult. Therefore it is always wise to book hotels, activities, cruise, and golf carts in advance before starting the trip.

To know more about the island and to gather information on various hotels and vacation homes on PIB you can always check The website helps in planning a perfect trip to PIB. Their marketing partners help in gathering all accurate information on current and trending events on the Island. They have all information about the best restaurants, local shopping, water activities, cruise trip, ferry and golf cart booking, and hotels.

So when do you think is the right time to visit PIB? Well, it completely depends on what you prefer –


April is an exciting month for all tourists. You will see a heavy crowd of tourists arriving at the Island on the ferry. Fishing and watching perch and walleye on Lake Erie are some of the exciting things to do in April. Still, the nights are cold which makes attractions less crowded in PIB in April.


May has long days and cozy nights which brings all sorts of water activities into action. It is a spectacular month for all sorts of parties. The month of May starts with a Put-in-Bay Spring Fling which is an annual event that includes free food, alcohol, beverages, dance, music, and live entertainment.

The end of the month includes the PIB Memorial Day Weekend Bash and watching antique car parades. May is full of excitement and entertainment. Therefore you should know the best Put-in-Bay Places To Stay, to have a comfortable day and night trip to the island.

June – August

June to August is summertime that is full of activities and PIB tourist attractions. You can take a tour of historical attractions or enjoy a picnic with family on the rock beach of Oak Point State Park. Parasailing, Jet Skis, mini-golf, exploring caves, and walking on nature trails are some of the exciting things to do.

September and October

The days are warm and nights are cool. It is the beginning of fall, but you can still explore the nature trail and see the Jane Coat wildflower trail. It is time to prepare fine wine at the wineries so you will also see grapes harvesting. You can ride a bike to explore the shoreline or the waterfront, and rent a paddleboard to paddle around Lake Erie. September and October are all about events like St. Patty’s Day celebration, Bagpipers and Irish Parade, etc. You can also enjoy free food, alcohol, beverages, and live entertainment.

Every month or every season has something in the package for the tourists to enjoy. Now that you know the exciting things to enjoy during each season, plan your trip accordingly.