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Why Do Employees Betray the Company They Work At?

When it comes to betraying your company, it has many forms, such as data breach, conspiring, leaking information, trading information for the benefit, leaving the company out of nowhere, etc. But why does it happen? And Why would it happen to you? This is the question many employers ask themselves and even when they on the brink of losing everything, they don’t believe that their employees will make them lose.

The very first thing for the employers, owners, or managers to do is to make sure you are looking around and covering every corner when you are facing a threat. Sometimes, we look everywhere but trust our employees blindly thinking that they would never betray us. Well, this is where the damage continues and it never stops. Every manager or employer need to make use of the cell phone spy apps to make sure they rule out their employees when knowing the source of the threats. These apps let you know what they are doing and how are they planning against you.

The use of a cell phone spy app is not just a remedy after the loss to find out the culprit, instead, it should be included in the policy that you will be monitoring your employees. It is about stopping the threat before it hurts you or your company badly. You need to know what is going behind your back and that is why you need to use such monitoring apps. With these apps at your disposal, you can stop the threat before it gets to you and you can find the culprit as well.

Why Would They Betray You?

Well, this is the question that you will still ask even after using the phone spy app and knowing that your employees are not loyal to you. This is the point of sadness and regret for you thinking what might have gone wrong that made your employees choose this path. So, let’s get this straight; you need to look into the details of what you are doing wrong and or what is going on that made these employees do this. Here are some of the reasons that lure them into betrayal:


You think you are providing them everything that employees should get, and they should be thankful to you. But are you being just? If yes, then why are you promoting and appreciating the ones that are broadcasting their work on your face while ignoring the ones who are doing the hard work? Sometimes, employees feel that their work is not being appreciated, and they are being treated unjustly and this leads them to acts of betrayal. This is where your phone spy app can come in handy where you can see what all the employees are doing rather than just noticing the ones who are coming to you every day.

Poor Environment

Look around, are you giving them the environment that is favorable for them? Well, you surely can’t cater to everyone’s personal needs but you need to make sure that the environment is not non-productive at least. Look closely and see if the act of criticizing and taunting is common in the surroundings, how employeestalk to each other, how they welcome new employees, and how their relationship with each other is. Moreover, is the noise balanced enough so that they can work peacefully and productively? You need to check the aspects that can lure a hardworking employee away.

Better Offers

It is very common to approach by the enemy competitors, but only the weak or the ones who are not settled properly will be lured in this approach. They get a better offer, and they leave you immediately. You might end up blaming them, but you need to be a bit more observant about this. What made the employee think that the other company is better? What is in your company that made them decide so quickly? What are your weaknesses that made them choose the offer immediately?

At one point, you might think that you are giving them everything that employees need and they should be thankful to you, but is that the case? You need to dig deep to know what exactly are you providing them. You can make use of the phone spy software to do so.

What Should You Do?

Where you might be feeling helpless that your employees have made you lose, you need to be calm and think about the things you can do to avoid this from happening in the future. Here are some of the things that you should be doing:

  • Ask them how they feel about working in your company. Start a survey and let them pour in their suggestions anonymously so that you can know how exactly they feel about your environment. You should be welcoming every type of comment or criticism, and take notes to do something about those things.
  • Use a phone spy app to find out who are they conspiring with and who is the culprit among your employees. You can make bling accusations but that will only weaken your leadership. So, use these apps to find out who is working behind your back and punish them to make an example so that the other employees can stay alert.
  • Listen to them when they are making excuses, or asking you for favors, because if you reject those favors, those employees are more likely to go against you. So, try to adjust them and if not, then keep a closed eye on them to see what they are doing in their anger.

Good leadership can save your company, just be more observant and let others feel like they are a part of the company. If anything goes wrong, make an example to show other employees how will they be treated if they do the same to you. Betrayal can come from many resources, just be sure you know them and you are dealing with them to protect your company in the future.