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Types of Teeth Implants That Are Available for You – Know the Technique as Well

Teeth implants are the frames or metal posts that are designed specifically for each individual. These implants are surgically installed onto the jawbone so that they hold the crown in place for years.

How do they work?

Implants are installed directly onto the jawbone with the help of screws to hold the artificial crown in place. Even after years of usage like the natural teeth, they stay in place and will not get damaged even after constant flossing, brushing, and cleaning.

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Types of Implants

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Here are some of the implants that are the most suggested ones by dentists.

1.     Endosteal Implants

These are the implants that are first installed onto the jawbone with the help of the screws. After the gum-line is cured of the surgical installation, the second surgery is done to install the post onto the installed implants. And in the final sitting, the crown of the artificial teeth will be installed.

2.     Subperiosteal Implants

These are the implants that are installed just below the layer of the gum. After the healing process is completed, the posts will be then installed with the frame. Finally, the artificial teeth will be installed on it.

3.     Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation is the process of strengthening the bone in the jawline, which is not strong enough to hold the implantation surgery.

4.     Sinus Lift

When you go to your family dentist with a teeth issue, they will suggest the sinus lift procedure, before the teeth implant surgery. A sinus lift is a process where a bone will be added just below the sinus to rebuild the deteriorated upper back teeth.

5.     Ridge Expansion

Most of the time, the jaw will not be wide enough to accommodate the implant. This is when the ridge expansion process is done by the addition of the bone graft material. This will create the necessary space for the accommodation of the artificial teeth implant.

Dental Crowns

In the process of dental Implants, a procedure called the dental crown installation will be done at the end of each implant process. The main purpose of this procedure is to replace worn-out, broken, cracked, and even repaired teeth with a new one. This crown protects the jawline from viral or bacterial attacks.

Crowns are nothing, but the caps that complete the procedure of tooth implantation. They will be created based on the structural configuration of the missing teeth in an individual. Crown will be rigid and will not be damaged by chewing, biting, and even other such jaw movements while eating your food.

You can visit your dentist to know more about such implant types and how the procedure follows. Know about them in detail and make the right decision.