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Where Will Online Slots Be in Ten Years?

During the past two decades, online gambling has changed a lot. When online slots were first launched, most people chose to do their slots in land-based casinos. Online slots used to have very poor graphics, the user interface used to be quite inconvenient, and the virtual medium itself was widely considered unreliable.

But online slots such as Joker Jewels slot have improved by leaps and bounds, and nowadays, most players choose to ply their trade in the casino sites rather than go to land-based casinos. It is natural to wonder about the future of online slots; what kind of changes will happen in the near future? Considering how online slots have evolved in the past few years, we will try to predict where online slots will be in the next ten years.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is the future of online gambling, not just of slots but of all other games. VR has already been in limited segments on an experimental basis, and the results have been encouraging. Going by the technological advancements that are happening every day, we can reasonably predict that VR will achieve mainstream acceptance in the next ten years, and all the best slot games will be equipped with VR.

Currently, there are some concerns about the expensiveness of VR technology, but that is expected to be sorted out in the next few years, and VR will give players a dimension that they have never experienced before. Employing VR technology allows operators to completely nullify any advantage land-based casinos may have over online ones, so the rise of VR may effectively pronounce the death-knell of land-based casinos.

Mobile Slots

Trends in the slot industry suggest that people are already moving to mobile-based gambling. Many casinos have applications where people can play their favourite games without having to sit in front of a laptop or desktop. We can predict that mobile gaming will outscore casino sites in the next ten years, and the time might come when players will access slot games exclusively through mobile applications.


Cryptocurrency is not yet become a mainstream thing in slot games, although a few casinos do let players use bitcoins instead of real cash. But in the next few years, as digital finance attains even greater heights, it is expected that all casinos might feature the option of using cryptocurrency to play slot games.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has not yet been heartily embraced by casino operators, who have been sceptical about it. The fact is that blockchain technology allows for all transactions to be under public scrutiny, and this significantly decreases the chances of cheating and manipulation. Players will be able to supervise their transactions, and the game will become more transparent and fairer than ever before.

In the next few years, we expect casinos to employ blockchain technology, which will make the games more reliable, reduce the house edge, and give gamblers better chances of winning.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, in ten years, we expect slot games to go fully mobile, to employ VR, and to embrace blockchain technology in order to deliver a safe, fair, and immersive gaming experience.