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What To Do When You Spot A Bear? 

Bears are interesting animals. Some people, especially children, may even find them cute. But, at the end of the day, they are still wild animals that are not safe to be around humans. If you happen to spot a bear on your hike or while camping, you could be killed with its paws. 

Some bears will leave you alone, while others’ behavior can be the opposite. While most bear encounters end without injury, you should still know a few tips as you never know when you might need them. If you wish to watch bears in a safe environment, you may like visiting the Yellowstone Bear World rather than in a jungle. 

What to do when you see a bear

  1. Talk to the bear. 

This may seem very weird, but talking calmly with a bear can actually save your life. Talking to a bear helps them understand that you are human and not another animal they need to fear. However, this does not mean you need to walk up to the animal and pet them like a dog. Instead, stand where you are and try slowly waving. 

  1. Do not panic. 

Animals, especially wild ones, can sense fear. Seeing a dangerous wild animal up so close can be frightening for anyone, but try to stay as calm as possible. Bears are not problematic animals and want to avoid encounters with you as much as you do. They only want to make sure that you are safe to be around. Panicking, screaming, running, or making sudden movements can intimidate the animal. 

  1. Pick up small children. 

If you have small children under the age of 10 who cannot run in the case of an emergency, pick them up immediately when you spot a bear. You do not need to run the moment you see the animal. But, if it starts coming closer and closer to you, you might have no other option. 

  1. Stand tall. 

Remember that bears are intimidated by other living things that appear bigger. Therefore, you want to seem as large and tall to the bear as possible. Stand as tall as you can, and you may even heel your toes. 

  1. Move slowly. 

If the bear is stationary, you want to move slowly without making it too obvious to the animal. This allows the bear to not think of you as a danger or prey. Make sure you move from sideways so you can keep an eye on the bear. If an emergency should occur, do not climb a tree. Grizzly and black bears can both climb trees easily.