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What Happens When You Delay Medical Treatment After A Truck Accident

After an accident, you must seek immediate medical assistance –even if you are not severely injured. Any accident, including a truck, can change your life and make you suffer from various problems. 

Delaying your medical treatment after a truck accident is not a good idea, even with minor injuries. Contact truck accident attorney Ontario today if you need help recovering damages from a truck accident.

Here are some reasons you should not delay medical treatment after a truck accident.

  1. Delaying treatment may eventually hurt you.

If you skip or delay medical help after a truck accident, you may worsen your injuries afterward. An internal injury can reach a higher level of risk even before if it is obvious. If you delay seeking medical help, you allow severe medical issues to remain unidentified for a long time.

Your injuries are suppressed due to the adrenaline rush you experience after an accident. You may feel pain after a day or two of the accident, so you should see a doctor immediately.

  1. It can harm your insurance claim.

If you are a victim, you will more likely file a claim against the truck driver insurance company or on your own after the accident. After filing, the claim adjusters examine the allegations and review them for validation. The insurance company could reject or reduce your share if you did not pursue medical help for several days after the accident. The insurance company will think that your injuries were not severe enough as you claimed because you did not seek medical help.

Insurance companies do not like delays between the accident and seeking medical help. Delaying seeking medical help can delay your claim process, and your insurance company will question you.

  1. It may hurt a potential legal case.

You can file legal action against the negligent party that harmed you if your injuries are severe enough. For that case, you must be able to prove that the other driver was negligent and their actions directly or indirectly caused you harm. If you take too much time to seek medical care, the jury may conclude that your injuries were not severe.

Why do people delay medical care?

People in Ontario delay medical treatment due to various reasons. Some people do not realize how badly they hurt because their pain is suppressed after an accident. Many people think that their symptoms will fade away in a short time. At the same time, some people wait and see if the at-fault’s insurance party offers a settlement or medical expense coverage. 

Seeking medical treatment will not only preserve your health and well-being but also improve your chances of receiving satisfactory insurance settlements and increase the odds of winning in court.