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What does it take for a cattle to be considered naturally raised?

Consumers’ demand for meat from naturally raised cattle has increased as compared to the meat from organically raised beef cattle. The continued discussion on the effect of meat from organic cattle has led to people switching to naturally raised ones.

Naturally raised cattle should:

  • Should at least be allowed access to the outdoors if the weather permits. The animals have can move from their ‘house’ to get some sunshine and feed on natural grass. 
  • Should be reared in spacious housing and with a firm of pasture for their natural feeding to minimize crowding and spreading of diseases. The farmer should use natural breeding practices. A good commitment to overall animal welfare in steps like feeding, breeding, and good care minimizes the stress of the animal hence producing the maximum products.
  • Cows should have access to fresh water which is free of things like heavy metals and bacteria.
  • They should not be administered with veterinary drugs when they are not sick and when they are sick there should be strict rules on the kind of drugs to be used and under what condition.

Naturally raised cattle are animals that are reared from the farm, either freely roaming in the field or closed in a fenced structure. They should only feed on natural food like grass, corn, hay and should never be subjected to other growth-promoting substances. Their meat doesn’t contain artificial flavors, coloring, and any chemical preservative.

Meat from naturally raised cattle’s should have the following characterizes:

  • The animal should not have been administered with growth-promoting products.
  • No antibiotics should be administered to the animal.
  • The animal should never be administered with any other animal by-product.

Once a calf is born, it should never be implanted with an ear plant that stimulates its growth until it matures for slaughtering. The naturally-raised cow should only be administered with vaccines that prevent diseases and sickness. They should only be fed with natural grass, corn, hay, and silage.

Naturally raised meat can be from, beef, chicken, Bison, sheep, and even goats provided their raising was not through any organic or artificial breeding methods. Papa Earth Bison meat is naturally raised meat from naturally raised Bison. The meat is from the fields where farmers rear cattle’s using the traditional breeding method and without subjecting them to any antibiotics or anything that stimulates their growth.