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Top Tips for Marketing Your Business

Growing your business is the key part of many people’s goals, so learning about how best to market your storefront is essential to gaining revenue and a return on investment.

From this website design supplier in Hertfordshire, we look at the best ways you can market your business.

Use Social Media

It’s a growing way of talking to your customers that is predominantly free and accessible to lots of people. It’s also a conversational tool and a way for people to find you online without navigating a search engine, read reviews and get easy directions for your place of business.

A lot of people can find out what they need without wanting to pick up the phone these days, so it’s a great way of interacting with your customers without overwhelming your business. On Facebook for example you can set automated responses when people send messages to your business page. 

Adding opening hours and features of your business also informs users about what you sell or provide to customers, as well as keeping your customers informed about what’s currently happening at your business.

Ensure your branding is consistent

From the tone of voice you use to the colours you present your brand with in all of your marketing collateral, you should be aiming for the same look and feel every time. It’s a way that keeps your customers remembering what your brand is and defining your brand by a series of certain colours or themes.

Logos, slogans and using the same colours throughout your website, social channels and any print media you use like flyers and posters. That way people can recognise your brand and the way your business looks and feels.

Provide incentives to your customers

Customers enjoy discounts or free gifts, who doesn’t? It’s a way of getting customers to remember you and what you provide, and they’re more likely to become a returning customer when they’re incentivised. 

Examples of ways you can give away good things to customers are offering exclusive discounts for new members, referring friends for a discount or money back are ways to garner new customers and to motivate returning buyers.

Work with influencers

You can use real life people to promote your products in their own unique way. These influencers have hundreds of thousands of followers to target for you on their behalf, and you’re able to build a strong relationship with them at the same time.

Building a reliable influencer base will bring a regular flow of customers to your site and a strong following for your brand and its future intentions.

If you’re struggling to think of ways you can approach influencers, ask yourself what problem would you be solving for them? Choose influencers wisely – ones that are relevant to your brand and their social image.

There are of course many ways to market and sell your brand to both old and new customers. It can often involve some trial and error, too, but it’s often a way of discovering what works best for your business and how you’ll make it grow.