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The Benefits of Technology in Education

As technology advances over the world your children are going to be more exposed to different ways of learning and working. A lot of office jobs require the use of a PC, smartphone and tablet, and many more technological advances.

In education it’s hugely valuable, which is why this sixth form in Somerset has provided us with the top benefits of using technology in education.

Creates an engaging environment

They’re away from their books and reading the whiteboard for a while and they’re investing their time into something that is possibly quite new for them. It’s a great way to re-engage children in their studies by giving them something different to interact with whilst still giving them skills to use.

Technology like smartphones, tablets and laptops, or interactive children-orientated working pads will give students the chance to explore how to use different tools aside from being hard at work in their school books. It also allows them to have a break from working in traditional ways.

Give students new skills in using technology

They have a new way of working at their fingertips – it’s a great way for children to test their critical thinking skills, their decision making ability and their motor skills in terms of using the keyboard and interacting with websites and apps.

They’re more likely to collaborate with their peers in the classroom as they will tend to work against the clock to complete certain tasks. It gives teams of childrens a different perspective of how they’ll work and it motivates children to be more sociable in class.

Children will be prepared for the future

More and more of our everyday items are changing thanks to technology, so children will be using tools that will help them along in the future. Teaching kids common tools like how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and other software can prepare them for skills needed in university and in future careers.

If you child also has a desire to learn more about how technology works then this is their gateway to learning more about them on a larger scale. This can be helped along when attending science classes to show how technology is made, tested and used.

Learning becomes more accessible

As it’s been especially noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning and the ability to learn from home by using laptops or other devices is incredibly useful. Being able to use a laptop to communicate with teachers, whether it’s a video call or an email between teachers. 

Improves children’s retention

Children are continuously interested in technology and how it works. Having a way to retain children as they study through a different medium will increase their attention span and how much they focus on classes.

A lot of activities can still be delivered via laptops. Ways to do this are gamifying lessons, making quizzes for children and allowing them to work in separate teams to complete assignments. Using technology has been shown to make kids more attentive in the classroom.