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The Right Kind Of Tubes For PRP – What To Know 

Some prefer choosing medical procedures to take care of the issues with their skin, whereas some prefer choosing cosmetic procedures. Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP therapy is a procedure that includes both medical and cosmetic treatments for healing wounds and damage to the skin cells.

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PRP Procedures and the Tubes Required

As the name says, the PRP procedure is followed with the help of platelets that are rich in plasma cells. The PRP solution will be first isolated from WBCs and will be utilized for further procedures. The separation of PRP from the blood sample is done with the help of the right PPR tubes. These PRP tubes are available in two different kinds.

  1. Vacuum Sealed Centrifuge Tubes

The conventional procedure of preparing the PRP solution is by drawing the sample blood from the patient’s body, transferring it into a centrifugation tube for isolating plasma-rich platelets, and using it for the procedure. The best and most accurate way of removing the plasma from the blood sample is with the help of vacuum-sealed tubes.

The vacuum-sealed tubes are ideal for the PRP centrifugation procedure as these tubes do not require anticoagulants for keeping blood in their best condition. The chances of contamination of the samples will be quite low in these tubes. These tubes can make it easier for the experts to separate platelets easily from the blood sample after the centrifugation procedure.

  1. Blood Collection Tubes 

Sometimes, the vacuum-sealed tubes might not be enough for the collection of the blood samples. The extra set of tubes might be required for centrifugation. These tubes should consist of the anticoagulants to keep blood in the same condition as how they were after the extraction. It is when the blood collection tubes are required.

Extra tubes in hand will always come in handy whenever there is a necessity for the sample collection for many tests. The blood sample tubes are available in many kinds and the expert can choose the option that can help them with their experiments.

Finding the right tube for the PRP Procedure

Here are some tips for you to choose the right tube for PRP therapy.

  • The force with which the centrifugation procedure is followed should be compatible with the tube.
  • It should mention whether or not the gel separator or the anticoagulant is required
  • The tubes should have the best review while used for the centrifugation procedure
  • Tubes should prevent contamination
  • They should guarantee the clear separation of all other compounds from blood including platelets

The PRP system can be handled by people that are experienced in handling centrifugation units. The right kind of tubes can be their helping guide as these tubes can separate the required solution from the blood sample.