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Importance of Auditory Screening Test in Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Auditory Disability

How many years old were you when you first heard of auditory screening? Most people get to know about processes like these when someone close to them is suffering from a hearing disability, most probably from a congenital hearing disability which means that the disability was there by birth. But this is not the main problem. The most crucial problem is the inaccurate or faulty screening of the individual who is already suffering. 

How can you treat a patient correctly when you don’t even know the exact level of disability he/she has? Faulty treatment worsens the condition of patients with disabilities, adding to their misery. For this purpose, you must choose the best audiology center to get it done. 

Signs and Symptoms that Indicate You Require an Auditory Screening

You need auditory screening during the following scenarios:

  1. When you feel an abnormality in your hearing pattern.
  2. When you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or out of balance.
  3. When there is a ringing sound in your ears that irritates you every time you recognize it (we call it Tinnitus in medical terms).
  4. When you become sensitive to loud sounds and can’t bear them anymore.
  5. If you are a musician or anyone who has to deal with loud sounds in his/her daily schedule.
  6. If you have a wax block or infection in your ears that might be lowering your hearing capacity. It can also lead to permanent deafness.
  7. If you suffered a direct trauma or injury to your inner ear in the past few days.

Who Is Eligible for Auditory Screening?

From neonates to the old geriatric population, everyone is eligible for the auditory screening as it is necessary for the early detection of the disease. If the treatment is delayed, you lose your hearing capacity. Hearing disabilities are treatable, not curable, so, better safe than sorry!

Where Can You Get Yourself Screened?

Numerous audiology centers are providing screening and consultation services throughout Canada, providing timely diagnosis and patient-centered treatment.

If you are looking for an early diagnosis of your young ones from 0 to 8 months, then one of the most trusted screening programs is the Audiology Centre West hearing screening program. This auditory clinic has some of the most skilled audiologists in Canada. 

The screening process for infants is a non-invasive procedure. It means no wear or tear or needling of your little ones! Only a couple of minutes are required. 

For adults, there are complex tests but again, they are non-invasive. So, you need not worry when you go for screening. If you’re nervous or anxious, always talk to your doctor before taking the test.