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How to Choose the Right Mannequin?

The ability of the retail stores to attract customers largely depends on their choice of displays and mannequins. This is how they generate sales. Instead of presenting the garments on a rolling rack, it is more convenient to place them on human-like displays. The customers will respond to that more positively. But with a variety of mannequins available in the market, how would you know which is the best for you? In our guide below, we will list out the ways in which you can choose the right one for your store and create an impact.

Fixed or adjustable

Fixed mannequins are fixed to the spot they are placed in. You cannot turn their arms, head, elbows, body, or even legs. Some stores prefer having this for they can retain their shapes. The customers under no circumstance can bump into them and change their shape. While there are many stores that prefer having movable mannequins too. They can adjust their joints and appendages, and change their appearance frequently. You can easily buy an adjustable mannequin that will not bore you and it will be beneficial for displaying a variety of accessories on it.

Ghost mannequins

If you wish to take product photos that will be put on your store’s website or product catalogue, ghost mannequins are going to best suit the purpose. These will help you click the right photos and make them extremely appealing. These mannequins are entirely invisible and the appendages and body parts can be adjusted as per needs. It will make the garments look as if they are floating mid-air.


When you are choosing mannequins, you also need to consider the gender you are picking them out for. There are three options mainly available: female, male, or non-gender specific. You need to understand what your store offers and what its target demographics are. You need to choose the mannequin based on that. The choice must align with the store’s vision and brand identity.


When you are purchasing retail apparel, budget is a very big consideration that you need to make. If you spend a lot on choosing the right one, you might end up with little or no money. Hence, try getting the deal at a rock-bottom price.

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