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How to Ask for a Public Defender after You are Arrested?

If you have been facing criminal charges, you will need to contact an attorney who can prepare a defense based on the facts and reports. An arrest warrant allows the police to arrest you no matter where you are. Whether you have committed the crime or not, you will have to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN. He will speak to officials on your behalf and try to become familiar with your case from their perspective. Hiring an attorney can be expensive and not everyone can afford one.

Requesting a public defender

A private law firm or an attorney may charge hundreds of dollars per hour while others may charge a lesser amount. If you cannot afford to pay these lawyers, you can request a public defender. The police may ask you to fill the form with questions related to your financial condition and if you qualify for it, an attorney will come and prepare your defense. 

When you first appear in front of the judge, you can request an attorney to fight your case. He may ask you whether you have hired a private attorney or want a public defender. When asked about your financial condition, you must give honest answers so that the legal system can help you the best way it can. Providing any false or frivolous information can increase your trouble.

The state’s law to request an attorney

Evert state has its own laws to request an attorney. They have certain grounds to qualify to request an attorney. These rules also take into account the severity and seriousness of the crime. Based on this factor, the judge may assign a public defender as the case will take more time and billable hours will be more than expected. In such a scenario, when the charges are serious and you can pay the attorney’s fees, the judge will suggest you appoint a public defender.

The expertise of a public defender

Many people don’t trust that they are any good. They believe that these attorneys don’t work because they get paid by the government. On the contrary, they have more experience than any private lawyer does. Moreover, they share a congenial relationship with other attorneys, judges and investigators. They can use their skills and expertise to prepare a strong defense.

A public defender can make a great difference in your case even when you have no money to pay.