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Here’s why you need a birth injury attorney in Louisville

The birth of your child should be a time and reason for celebration. It is rather surprising that the mortality rate in the US is rising, considering this is a first-world nation. If you (or your child) have sustained injuries during childbirth because of the doctor’s or hospital’s mistake, you should consider lawyering up. Such cases are not unusual in Louisville and the rest of Kentucky, and expectedly, doctors and hospitals are not keen on admitting fault. Hiring an injury attorney Louisville can help you recover compensation for the harm, pain, and suffering you have endured. 

Understanding birth injuries

Childbirth is a complicated procedure, even when the mother has a normal delivery. Numerous things can go wrong. Classic examples of birth injury cases include delayed C-section, mistakes of the doctor during C-section, negligent use of surgical tools and equipment, failure to monitor basic details, and improper response to fetal distress. In many cases, clients have successfully sued doctors and hospitals for rough delivery. 

The role of an attorney

Cases involving medical malpractice are often hard to prove. Just because you believe you have a birth injury case doesn’t always mean that your case will hold. Top law firms in Louisville can help evaluate the true worth of your claim and initiate legal action. They will handle and manage all sorts of communications with insurance companies and healthcare providers so that you can focus on your recovery. Your lawyer is also in charge of determining what your claim is worth and will advise you on Kentucky laws and your rights. They will also collect evidence and talk to witnesses, doctors, and experts to substantiate your claim. 

Finding the right lawyer

Do not expect insurance companies to play a fair game regarding birth injury lawsuits and medical malpractice matters. You need an attorney who specializes in personal injury law and has worked on such lawsuits in the past. You also have to check if the lawyer has experience representing clients at trial for birth injury cases. The work profile of an attorney is important and should be your first factor for consideration. 

As for the cost of hiring a lawyer, it all depends on the facts of the case, but birth injury attorneys usually charge a contingency fee. You only need to pay the lawyer if you win a settlement. You have limited time to take action – Hire a lawyer now!