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Five cheapest places to purchase property in Hampshire


5. Portsmouth

The naval base and port city of Portsmouth is located on the south coast of England. The largest part of Portsmouth is located on Portsea Island. This is a region which has been well-known for its extensive maritime heritage and then there is also the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. This is where the interactive National Museum of the Royal Navy is located. This is also where people will find the wooden warship HMS Victory. There are also two other ships which is conserved in dockyard museum and they are the Tudor ship Mary Rose and also the HMS Warrior. An apartment will cost approximately £65,000 if you want to sell quickly for cash in as little as 7 days.

4. Ringwood

The market town of Ringwood is located in south-west Hampshire where it lies alongside the River Avon. Ringwood is close to the New Forest and relatively close to Southampton and Bournemouth. In the distant history it was founded by the Anglo-Saxons and since the Middle Ages there has been an active market which has taken place every week of the year. It is first mentioned in 961AD in association with King Edgar. An apartment will cost approximately £60,000.

3. Southsea

The fairly popular resort town of Southsea with its long beach and popular seafront gardens is one of the sought after locations in Hampshire. There is also the attraction of funfair rides at South Parade Pier as well as a model village and aquarium. There is also the moated Southsea Castle which has been constructed by Henry VIII with its beautiful view across the Solent. The Castel still has its cannons. Other attractions in the region are a restored playhouse as well as the Kings Theatre. There are also numerous tea rooms and pubs which is popular among locals and visitors. You can expect to pay £50,000 for an apartment.

2. Bitterne

Southampton has an eastern suburb with the name of Bitterne which is actually a name which not derived from the bittern bird but actually it comes from a bend in the River Itchen. It is an old English rendition of that location. Those old words are ærn and byht which when used together simply means a house near a bend. It can also be rendered differently by using the words bita ærn which will then mean house of horse bits. There is an 11th century record which uses the name Byterne. £38,000 is the expected price for apartments.

1. Gosport

The town of Gosport is located on the south coast of Hampshire and it has a population of over 80,000 people. It is located on the western side of Portsmouth Harbour and it is situated on a peninsula not far from the city of Portsmouth. In fact it is possible to reach the city of Portsmouth by making use of the Gosport Ferry. Not so long ago Gosport was a major naval town which was important as far as the defense of the country is concerned. This is why extensive fortifications were constructed over the years. Apartments can cost about £20,000 if you want to sell property fast.