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Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

An accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed with your situation and injuries. You might need to see your doctors, physical therapist, or other medical professionals. Also, might have to deal with vehicle repairs or further property damage. You may need to take some time off work. While you try to handle these tasks, the last thing you need is to be confronted by insurance adjusters who don’t recognize your injuries and suffering. 

It’s important to hire an injury attorney in Tullahoma as soon as possible after an accident. You must have an attorney on your side sooner than later to protect your legal rights. Your attorney will handle communications with the insurance company and the necessary paperwork for your claim on your behalf. This way, you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. 

Why It’s Important to Hire an Injury Attorney?

Before making any legal actions, you need to ask yourself whether or not you need an attorney for your personal injury claim. Although you can always handle your claim by yourself, the following are some reasons you must work with an experienced injury attorney:

  • You are going up against a big insurance company. Insurance companies are big corporations that have vast resources at their disposal. They tend to spend significant amounts of money every year to train their claims adjusters on how to deny claims and pay as little as possible on those that can’t be denied. Also, they have teams of attorneys to defend their low settlement offers and claim denials. Personal injury attorneys deal with these companies every day. They know the strategies these companies use and how to address them. 
  • You have a complicated case. To qualify for compensation, you must prove the defendant owes you a legal duty of care, they breach this duty, you were injured because of this breach, and the specific value of your losses. An experienced attorney understands these elements in detail and knows the kind of evidence they must get to persuade a claims adjuster or jury. 

What If the Accident Was Your Fault?

If you are at fault for the accident, your insurance company has an obligation to defend you from personal injury claims filed by people who were injured in the accident. Should they fail to offer you counsel, you can file a breach of contract lawsuit against them. You are entitled to legal advice, so your insurance company should get this for you. 

Sometimes it’s not obvious to determine fault in an accident. In fact, cases can go to trial on this issue. Both drivers can be partly at fault for an accident. Tennessee lets injury victims recover damages for their injuries if they are 49% or less at fault for the accident.