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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization – Tips & Strategies to Improve It

You may have the ‘fanciest’ website on the entire web, or be extremely good at building websites. But, your website may not be generating the ideal amount of sales, leads or customers to sustain your business and your lifestyle.

Your website is your best sales guy. It works 24/7 and never calls in sick. So why don’t most ‘fancy’ websites convert most of their web visitors into sales/customers? A ‘fancy’ website alone isn’t enough. A lot of business owners and marketers tend to overlook or ignore the importance of conversion rate optimization on their website. So what is conversion optimization? And what are the tips & strategies to improve it?

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO), also known as conversion optimization is a method used to boost the sales conversion of website visitors. The term ‘conversion rate’ refers to the percentage of visitors who complete an action that favors you. An example of such an action could be filling up a web form, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing a product/service.

If your website has a high conversion rate, it means your website is designed well, it’s formatted well, and it’s appealing to visitors. Conversion rate is calculated this way: Divide the number of converted visitors by the total number of site visitors, then multiply by 100 to get the percentage. A conversion rate is considered good or high if the rate hovers around 2% to 5%.

Conversion rate optimization tips to try on your site

Here are some conversion rate optimization best practices that could boost your website sales:

  1. Analyze your website (Quantitative analysis). Analyzing your website means gathering all the data about your site and visitors’ behaviors. You can use a web analytics platform such as Google Analytics to provide you with information such as: The webpage your visitors first land on, the time spent by your visitors on a page, the referrer that drove traffic to your site, your visitors’ browsing devices, details about your customers(age, interest, demographics). Acquiring this information will help you plan where to channel your efforts. You’re most likely to see positive results if you channel your efforts into pages that are valuable and have user engagement.
  2. People-focused analysis (Qualitative analysis). Another conversion optimization strategy is to conduct qualitative analysis. Qualitative analysis, also called people-focused analysis is more subjective. You can conduct this analysis through on-site surveys user-testing and conducting satisfaction surveys. This helps you know why they engaged, their opinions on your site and the actual words they’d use to describe your products/services.

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