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Vape Nicotine Levels Compared to Cigarettes

If you’re a new vaper, there are two major factors to think about when picking pure nicotine strength: your smoking habits, and the kind of tool you are intending on utilizing. To aid you to navigate the marketplace, we have categorized our recommendations by vapor result, as this is the variable that inevitably determines the amount of nicotine taken per smoke.

If you smoke socially, or up to a couple of cigarettes a day, you’ll probably drop in the lower variety of each suggestion. When you smoke 10 to 20 cigarettes per day, you are going to land at someplace in the center. Smoking more than a pack a day more than likely places you in the higher area.

Keep in mind that the recommended strength in this area is precisely that: ideas. Utilize them as a starting point, but if you locate that you prefer your vape more weak or powerful, do not hesitate to try various other Juice Head Vape Juice hardness. Bear in mind, nicotine without smoke will not be a major health and wellness danger. The most effective pure nicotine maintains you away from the combustible cigarettes!

Low vapor production

Discreet clouds, comparable to the smoke produced by a cigarette. This group consists of most sheathing systems over the market, along with mouth-to-lung, or MTL, tanks using a tight airflow. Nic salts of high-strength are amongst the most prominent selection for this category. Many e-liquid manufacturers don’t make flavors with routine pure nicotine at hardness over 6 mg/mL any longer.

Regular nicotine: 12 to 24 mg/mL

  • Pure nicotine salts: 30 to 60 mg/mL
  • Medium vapor manufacturing

Clouds, but not of the enormous range. Gadgets that fall in this category can come from practically any kind of item range. This includes case systems that take below ohm coils, MTL tanks, as well as even sub-ohm containers that have a limited lung draw.

  • Routine nicotine: 6 to 12 mg/mL
  • Pure nicotine salts: 20 to 30 mg/mL

High vapor manufacturing

Large clouds. This consists of powerful below ohm containers, as well as rebuildable atomizers with huge airflow channels. Searching nic salts of this group might not be very easy, due to the fact that these gadgets put out so much vapor that it’s really simple to get too much nic rapidly. A lot of vapers who use below ohm gadgets usually go with normal 3mg nicotine vape juice at extremely low strength. Even e-liquid of 6 mg/mL may be too solid thinking about the vapor volume delivered by some of these devices!

  • Regular nicotine: 1.5 to 6 mg/mL
  • Salts of Nicotine: 1.5 to 6 mg/mL

If it involves stopping smoking, we suggest new vapers try a lower vapor device, an MTL tank, or pod system. These will mimic the draw of a cigarette, which may aid smokers smoothly shift to vaping.