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Tips to Keep Your Brakes in Great Shape

It is needless to say that the vehicle’s brakes are the most crucial components that are going to keep you safe on road. Without having properly functional brakes, you are putting yourself and others around you in greater danger. To prevent that fateful scene, your brakes must remain in shape and are perfect. Here is how you can do that and save money too:

Speed Limits

Brakes fear high-speed joy rides. The faster the car travels, the more is the brake energy and material used to stop the vehicle and that is how the brakes wear so quickly. Speed limits are also determined to have your journey a safer one and hence obeying them can both help you and your brakes.

Driving with a Foot

Some drivers are fond believers of two feet driving where a foot for accelerator and the other one for the brake which improves the response time. This isn’t a safe practice as you will be lacking to place constant and light pressure on the brakes, resulting in brake riding. This practice overtime warps the rotors and wears down the brake pads. Hence, use just your right foot.

Engine Braking

When driving downhill, you might consider pulling down your brakes to be safe. But that strains out the brakes and instead, you can consider applying the engine brakes. This technique will help the engine to do the work without involving the brakes. This is the best in manual transmission vehicles.

Slow Down Naturally

Tailgating on busy roads is heavily dangerous and that demands instant and sharp brake application. This in a way wears and tears down your brakes in havoc. The closer you are to another vehicle is where you will want to brake more intensely and the erosion will start. Instead of this, you can allow a bit more gap between your and the previous vehicle to buy yourself some time to naturally slow down the vehicle before you pull the brakes.

Brake Fluid Flush

The brake fluid check is an important check you need to run through at regular intervals. This is the fluid that is responsible to transfer all the heat to the braking system’s parts and absorbs the water. If the fluid has turned dark, it is time for a change.

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