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Say Goodbye To Stubborn Fat With TruSculpt iD

Combining diet and exercise can improve your overall health and lose weight. Even a completely healthy lifestyle will not let you spot-reduce fat from specific areas of your body.

If some areas of body fat remain after dietary adjustments and weight loss, it may be time to use additional options. One such way is Clinique Anti Aging fat reduction without surgery with the help of TruSculpt iD. 

How TruSculpt iD is changing lives by eliminating stubborn fat

The non-invasive fat removal treatment TruSculpt iD can sculpt or mold your body. With the help of the truSculpt iD technology, you can get rid of fat pockets and impatient regions of skin that have not reacted to traditional treatments.

Since truSculpt iD is noninvasive, you can get the desired results without surgery. Instead, a quick, easy in-office treatment that only takes 15 minutes gets you the desired outcomes.

How does it reduce fat?

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation is utilized by the truSculpt iD technological advances to locate fat cells in your body. These cells are destroyed once they are the target of heat energy.

Radiofrequency energy causes the fat cells in the area of your body that is being addressed to liquefy, allowing your body to safely and permanently get rid of the fat. The technology is safe to use through your skin and only targets fat cells in your body.

If you are at or near your ideal weight and want to get rid of excess fat in one or more tough areas of your body, TruSculpt iD is the ideal fat-reduction therapy for you. It is also a fantastic option for a non-surgical method that achieves results.

Wait until you are at or near your goal weight before getting truSculpt iD because it is not a substitute to lose weight. Additionally, TruSculpt iD is not recommended in women who are expecting, have a weak abdominal wall tone, or have pacemakers.

How does it work?

The truSculpt iD tightens and improves skin while permanently removing stubborn fat cells using radio waves that disperse heat. The treatment process focuses on the bodily areas you wish to treat. As the heat destroys the fat cells, you can feel warm. 

There is no recovery period thereafter; rather, the treated region has a reduction of as much as thirty percent in unwanted body fat, which vanishes over a few weeks.  Although some redness in the treated areas is expected, it should go away within a day.