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How To Choose Necklace According To The Neckline Of The Outfit?

Necklaces are ornaments for women that are worn for occasions like graduations, weddings, anniversaries and parties. And choosing suitable necklaces for a neckline is a special skill. There are specific guidelines to follow for the best type of necklace for the corresponding outfit.

Necklace Types

The different types of necklaces based on their lengths are:

  • Rope: A rope is the most extended form of a necklace that is 32 inches in height. As they are lengthy, they are used to layer the shorter versions of chains.
  • Opera: Opera is a necklace that is 24-32 inches in length. And by considering its size, it can be wrapped around twice the neck and create a striking look that looks visibly short.
  • Matinee: Matinee is a long necklace that is 20 -24 inches in length and about twice as long as a choker.
  • Princess: This is the second short necklace next to a slightly lower choker below the neck and rests on the collarbone area. This mainly features a pendant that is quite bold or delicate diamonds.
  • Chokers: These are the shortest type of trendy necklace designs in gold, usually 14-16 inches. These do not hang on the neck and sit high, and it is a chic choice at all times.

What Is The Guide For Choosing The Perfect Length?

The clothing and the neckline are the primary things to decide the type of necklace a person has to opt for. Specific necklaces showcase the clothing styles to their best, and some even compliment the entire dressing pattern of a person. Some of the ideas and tips on what to wear for the different necklines are:

  • Low Neck or Strapless: Princess length necklaces are the ideal ones for both strapless and low-cut necklines. It accentuates the style of the dress by creating an eye-catchy feel to the neckpiece and towards the shoulders.
  • One-shoulder or Halter: A halter or one-shoulder outfit is always best without wearing anything on the neck. A stud earring that is bold and unique is the best for this neckline.
  • V-neck: A V neck neckline is best with a V-neck necklace. Any other pattern that does not mimic the cut of the dress will look mismatched and impart a clumsy look.
  • High-neck or Turtleneck: Opera necklaces are the best choice for any turtleneck or high collared outfit. A bold statement piece is the one that compliments the style of this neckline.
  • Strapless: Any strapless top is best with a choker necklace. And a diamond choker adds icing to the cake with that extra sparkle.
  • Scoop neck: A long necklace like a rope in silver and stones are the suitable ones to complement a scoop neck. The extra factor one has to consider is that the length of the necklace must not go beyond the bust line. Pearls with long dangling tassels are another ideal pattern for this neckline.
  • Squareneck: Angular big pendant designs in gold look best for a square neck as it offers the most sophisticated and elegant outlook. Another option here is the shorter one that falls on the collar bone to look prettier.

The length of the necklace is directly related to the style of the neckline and is the essential thing to consider while dressing up. But the other factors that influence the choice are the occasion and time of the day.