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How Long Do Claims For Personal Injuries Take?

Accident victims can finally resume their lives after receiving compensation for their injuries. Our clients have significant medical bills due to catastrophic injuries and must frequently visit the drugstore to pick up medicines. These costs accumulate. 

The duration of their personal injury lawsuit is a frequent query from clients. Unfortunately, there is not just one solution. The specifics of your case will determine everything. Sometimes you can resolve a dispute in just a few short weeks. You might negotiate a settlement for nine months or longer in other circumstances. Additionally, you might have to hang tight for more than a year to get paid if your case proceeds to trial. Make sure you contact a personal injury lawyer in Hillsville.

Is liability an issue?

Unless they were responsible for the accident (i.e., “at fault”), a person is not required to pay compensation. Imagine you ran a red light and hit someone as a result. Since you are to blame for the collision, the individual you hit is not required to make any payments to you. They are only bound to pay if they have been faulted in the situation.

Sometimes liability is obvious. If not, each party can devote several months to gathering information by speaking with witnesses, looking over the accident scene, and reading the pertinent legal framework. A personal injury suit will take more time to resolve if there is a question of liability.

Are your injuries grave?

The length of time it takes to settle a personal injury lawsuit increases with the severity of your injuries. This is due to a few factors:

  • Waiting until you have improved the most before settling may be in your best interest so that you can request the appropriate amount of compensation.
  • When more money is at stake, insurers will examine culpability more carefully. Additionally, more money is often spent on severe injuries.
  • When more money is at stake, insurers are more inclined to attribute the accident to you. As a result, you can find yourself in court.

You might swiftly settle a lawsuit if you sustained minor wounds that healed in a month. You will likely have to wait much longer if you require both surgery and rehabilitation.

Is the defendant driven to accept a deal?

Possible settlement incentives for some defendants. For instance, if the issue receives unfavorable media coverage, they might attempt to defuse it by providing just compensation. A merger with another company might involve the removal of liabilities from the books.

How urgently do you require payment?

Many accident victims currently require money. They cannot work due to their injuries, yet the kitchen table is still covered with medical bills. They have a strong incentive to accept the defendant’s settlement offer.