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Four Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Fake Instagram Followers

Instagram has become a big social media platform. People now get an opportunity of becoming influencers, self-promotion, and build their brand through Instagram. The only problem is how to gain followers.
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The follower count will play a major role if you are influencers, Insta model, or brand looking for promotions. The people who follow you are a sign of engagement with your product or content. Moreover, you can easily put out your content with the help of Instagram and generate revenue with the help of Instagram. 

However, ever since Insta changed its algorithm, it gets harder for the brands and people to display their posts to new people and grow their follower base. Most people are now going with a trend of increasing follower count is buy real followers from sites like a famous follower

Problems Related To Buying Fake Followers

You can now find much company that provides bot followers for your Instagram account. Another thing that you can do is to go on creating fake accounts yourself and start following your page. However, both the solution does not help you in achieving the engagement. Since fake followers are not real, your engagement plummets rapidly. 

Here Are More Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fake Followers: 

  • Bad Instagram Engagement

One of the obvious reasons to avoid fake followers is the degradation in Instagram engagement. More fake followers increase more will be the decrease in your Instagram engagement. Moreover, people can easily see through your gimmick. For example, if you around 1 million subscriber or followers, and get only 200-1000 like per post, people can understand you have fake followers. 

  • Fake Followers Can Get You Purged On Insta

The bad engagement makes you look bad, but things can go ugly if you get caught by Instagram. Luckily, you can get a warning when you get caught the first time. However, you should still know that Instagram does not like fake followers’ accounts. 

Instagram has a team that purges people who use a fake bot to increase their followers. Moreover, Instagram also hates the automation of engagement.  Until you are not re-engaging with people in real-time, Instagram got a problem with you. So, going with the fake followers can get your account deactivated, which can be big trouble for you or your brand.
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  • The Account Might Not Get Monetized

Being an influencer, you want a follower base that likes your content. A company that would like to collaborate with an influencer that not only has a huge follower base but also got heavy engagement on their content. However, with fake followers, you only get a large follower base but no engagement. Any company can see through, and they might avoid you. Therefore, fake followers do more harm to your reputation than good. Even if you are building a brand, you want more people to see your product and story. But it is not possible if you have the majority of fake followers on your Instagram account. 

  • What More Can You Do?

Followers count is important on Instagram if you want to build a reputation or become an influencer. Clearly, buying fake followers seems a much tempting choice in such a case. However, you can try other ways that you must try to grow your follower base organically.

Moreover, there are sites like famous follower that can help you with real followers. That way, you can avoid buying bot followers that do more harm to your Insta account reputation.