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Factors that increase the risk for teenage drivers

You might get an annoyed “eye roll” or an “I know!” when you tell your adolescent to drive cautiously. These reminders are quite significant, though. Teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions because they lack driving experience. Let’s talk about some statistics regarding teen driving, specific risk factors, and what parents can do to protect their children’s safety.

Some accidents are unavoidable, even taking all reasonable safety measures. Traffic safety is endangered when other vehicles disregard it. Consult reputable Scranton, PA car accident attorneys if your teen was hurt in a collision with another vehicle.

Statistics Regarding Teen Drivers

  • Teenagers are ten times more likely than adults to be involved in a fatal auto accident.
  • The leading cause of fatality for youngsters is car accidents.
  • Intersections are the scene of one-third of all teen driver accidents.
  • Speeding is to blame for 31% of fatal teenage car accidents.
  • Males make up about two-thirds of teen fatalities in auto accidents.

Inexperienced Teen Driver Risk Factors

There must be a beginning for everyone. The practice of driving doesn’t stop after youngsters pass their road exams and receive their legal licence. Your adolescent will get more adept at as they keep driving practise:

  • being aware of fundamental auto repair
  • respecting the laws of the road
  • looking out for any blind spots
  • Having the ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances

These abilities become automatic after many years of driving. Teenagers must engage in far more complex thought processes when operating a vehicle.

Loud Travelers

Teenagers driving with other teens in the car are much more likely to have accidents. Young drivers must actively consider each decision they make while operating a vehicle, as was already established. They are more inclined to mentally disconnect from the activity at hand—driving—when conversing with passengers or listening to their pals laughing and shouting.


Teenagers frequently have their faces buried in their phones. Teenagers, unfortunately, often believe they are invincible. Teenagers tempted to text while driving may do so because of this deadly combo. High school students who report texting while driving include 33%.


People of all ages are at risk from DUI. However, it occurs more frequently than you may imagine among teenagers. Teenagers often become inquisitive about alcohol and test drinking with their pals. Usually, their parents aren’t told about this. Teenagers may be more concerned about the repercussions of their parents discovering their drinking when it’s time to drive home than they are about the repercussions of getting a DUI while underage.