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Dietary Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

Avoiding some foods might help you maintain healthy teeth and gums, which is information you might not already know. What you consume can benefit or negatively affect your teeth, leading to stronger dentition or more difficulty fending off cavities and gum disease, respectively. Northeast Philadelphia dentist can help you understand how to care for your teeth better.

Is There Any Way That Junk Food Can Harm My Teeth?

The accumulation of fat, carbs, and sugars in junk food causes plaque on the teeth.

Plaque is a film made of lingering food debris and saliva that can be quite sticky. Without proper treatment, plaque will eat away at the tooth, leading to cavities and decay. You should eat the ideal food for oral health if you value your gums and teeth.

What are the Worst Foods for Your Teeth?

Finding out what foods to avoid will help you maintain healthy teeth.  Here is a list of the worst meals for your teeth and why you should avoid them.

  • Fizzy, sugary drinks

The bacteria in your mouth turn sugar into an acid that promptly attacks your tooth enamel. Tooth sensitivity is a warning indication that occurs due to the reaction that weakens the enamel.

  • Candied items

The sticky nature of candy means it will cling to the crevices between your teeth and be tough to dislodge. Cavity-causing bacteria can thrive on the sugar and spread if given the time.

  • Snacks made of starch

Plaque and acid are created when the sugars in these foods combine with the saliva produced during the first stages of digestion in the mouth. When this acid reacts with the enamel of your teeth, it can cause cavities if the reaction continues unchecked.

  • Alcohol

Compared to carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages have a larger percentage of sugar, and alcohol use decreases saliva production, leading to tongue dryness. Gum disease and tooth decay are more likely to develop when this occurs since the acid is more effectively doing its damage. 

  • Cold food items

Cold causes fast constriction of the enamel, and frequent exposure to cold and hot liquids causes the enamel to go through a similar cycle of contraction and expansion. This is one of the worst foods for your teeth because it causes tiny fissures in the enamel, which can grow into larger problems like cavities and sensitivity.

How Can I Maintain Good Dental Health Through Diet?

You must know which foods are best for your teeth to maintain a healthy smile. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and sugar-free candy or chewing gum are better for your teeth and gums than sugary drinks, sticky sweets, alcoholic beverages, and cold drinks.