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Cosmetic dentistry simplified: A quick overview of teeth whitening

Do you wish for a whiter smile? Do you have stained teeth? Teeth whitening can help. Like everyone else, you may have found many products that promise to whiten your teeth within a week or few days, but most of these don’t do as much as in-clinic teeth whitening. Most popular clinics offer teeth whitening Oak Lawn, and you can check for one that’s popular and has a good team of dentists and cosmetic dentistry experts. Here’s what you need to know about teeth whitening.

How is teeth-whitening done?

Dentists typically use a bleaching solution for teeth whitening, and this is often combined with either heat or light (or sometimes both) to enhance the results. You can expect your teeth to look brighter and cleaner. Some patients have witnessed an unprecedented difference in teeth color. You may need more than one session of teeth whitening, but the results are immediate. You can expect one session to get over in an hour, although some procedures may last longer. It also depends on the existing color of your teeth and expected results.

Talk to your dentist first

Make sure that you talk to your dentist in depth to know about teeth whitening and if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Keep in mind that exposing your teeth to bleaching agents may cause some sensitivity, so if you have sensitive teeth already, this may not be the ideal procedure for you. Do not try home kits if you are sensitive to oral care products. Your dentist should be able to offer a fair idea of what to expect from standard teeth whitening procedure, but if you have inflamed gums or an existing infection in your teeth, you may have to wait.

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