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6 practical tips for getting divorce in Alabama

You have decided to file for divorce in Alabama. The next step is to educate yourself on the laws and legal options. Alabama allows for both no-fault and fault-based divorces. In case you file for a no-fault divorce and your spouse agrees to the same, it would be an uncontested divorce. There is a wait time of 30 days, before divorce can be finalized in Alabama, from the date of filing. Here are 6 practical tips for getting divorce in the state. 

  1. Get an attorney. No matter the circumstances, you need to consider hiring one of uncontested divorce lawyers in Alabama. Divorces can be stressful, and with an attorney, you can have sound legal advice and help for all that paperwork. If your divorce is an uncontested one, your attorney may even work on a flat fee, instead of an hourly rate. 
  2. Open to talks. You cannot expect to come to an agreement with your spouse, if you don’t open up for discussion. Communication is key to resolving key issues in a divorce, and your lawyer can further help with mediation and negotiation. If you are not on talking terms with your spouse, let your attorney know. 
  3. Keep your kids out of trash conversations. As a parent, the welfare of your child should be your first priority. Do not insult, or engage in a mudslinging with your spouse. A minor child may make an opinion sooner than you expect, and it won’t end good. 
  4. Avoid social media accusations. It’s understandable that you feel trapped in the marriage and want to get out. However, before the divorce is finalized, don’t post anything against your spouse on social media. Anything on these platforms can actually work against you. 
  5. Keep things private. Family and friends may know that you are getting divorced, but don’t seek advice from everything. If you are feeling stressed, think of therapy, and for legal advice, your lawyer can help. People getting involved may complicate things further. 
  6. Try to avoid temptation. Adultery is a ground for divorce in Alabama, and if you are having an affair, it can impact the outcome of the divorce. Let your lawyer know if you are seeing someone, and in your best interest, you may want to avoid the affair in the first place. 

Finally, don’t rush. Allow your divorce lawyer to negotiate and discuss things with your spouse, so that things can be settled in an agreeable and cordial manner.