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5 pizzas from Canada that are worth trying!

North America has a separate fanbase for pizzas. There are so many local outlets, and if you are in Canada, you will find as many options and varieties, beyond the standard NY-style pizza. In fact, the province of Quebec has amazing pizzerias and local outlets, and some of them have been around for a long time. In Montreal, you should definitely try Double Pizza online ordering, which is among the best local places for authentic pizzas. In this post, we are sharing five pizzas from Canada that are worth your money and tastebuds. 

  1. Windsor style-pizza. Like the name suggests, Windsor style-pizza has its origins in Windsor, which is in Ontario. This kind of pizza is known for the tomato sauce, which has loads of oregano. The pepperoni used in the pizza is shredded and not cut into rounds as usual. With tons of mozzarella cheese, this one is a classic in every bite. 
  2. Pizza-ghetti. This is a dish from Quebec that combines pizza and spaghetti, which gives the name. Pizza-ghetti is usually served with half a pizza and spaghetti on the side. Some restaurants even have a variant, where the spaghetti goes underneath the cheese and you get a full pizza that also contains tomato sauce. 
  3. Pictou County pizza. This is also a classic from Canada that has its origins in Nova Scotia. The Pictou County pizza is famed for its brown sauce, which is very different from the red tomato sauce you get with most pizzas. The toppings include a lot of Halifax-made Brothers’ pepperoni, and you will fall in love with the chewy but thick dough at the base. 
  4. Garlic fingers. Technically, this is not a pizza, but more like a side that’s made like a pizza. Garlic fingers is a basic pizza, which has loads of cheese, garlic butter and parsley. Some local pizzerias also sell this with bacon on the top. Garlic fingers are usually cut into strips or fingers, and hence the name. 
  5. Hawaiian pizza. You probably know that this pizza originated in Canada and not in Hawaii as the name suggests. The Hawaiian pizza includes a unique combination of ham and pineapple, and you will love the flavors, which doesn’t feel like a regular pizza. Most pizzerias in Canada do have this on the menu, and the hype is totally worth it. 

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